College Essay Topics

College essay topics are the main factor that decides the impressiveness of the essay. In order to brainstorm good ideas for the topic, the writer first have to see what he or she is interested in. This factor is very important and must never be neglected. Take a look at some examples of interesting essay topics.

•    What depresses you the most?

•    Are we alone in the universe?

•    What heightens your emotions and how do you suppress it to think rationally?

•    Why do you aim to achieve by going to high-school?

•    Explain the things that put stress on you?

•    Make a prediction about what will happen in 2020 regarding the UK economic state

•    If you are teleported back to 80’s, what would you do first?

•    What is your opinion about World War 1?

•    What is your opinion about those generals that ordered to nuke Hiroshima?

•    Pick out any piece of technology of 2011 and discuss its effects on you?

•    Briefly explain an event that changed your life significantly

•    What is your dream college and do you feel confident to get selected in that college?

•    Explain us the most embarrassing event in your life?

•    Tell us why do you choose a certain field and what do you aim to accomplish in that field?

•    Tell us one of your habits or qualities that best defines you?

•    Have you ever received any significant advice that influenced your life?

•    Write about any person that influenced your life and made you what you are today.

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