Impressive Synthesis Essay Topics

Synthesis essays are those assignments where the writer is required to gather research from numerous sources and combine those research with his/her own ideas in order to elucidate a particular topic or a position. The key to present an effective synthesis assignment is to select compelling synthesis essay topics, for instance:


•    2011 Political Riot in Libya

•    Wikileaks and the damage it left in its wake

•    Increased drug smuggling in Mexico

•    Healthcare reform bill

•    Should private lives of the celebrities be covered by the media or not

•    Pros and Cons of increased use of smart phones

•    Increased cases of Bullying

•    Political unrest in Egypt

•    Rise of Social Media

•    Rise and rise of Facebook

•    The burning debate of Tiger Mom

•    Rise in human trafficking

•    Taliban in Pakistan

•    Death of John F. Kennedy

•    Rise of Media coverage

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