Interesting Personal Essay Topics

Personal essay is also sometimes called as personal narrative essay as it allows the writer to audaciously express himself. Professors assign such topics to students to assess their ability to compose on a given topic in an attractive manner. While composing a personal essay paper, ensure that the pace of the essay is smooth. Let us take a look at some example personal essay topics

•    Where do you see yourself, 12 years from now?

•    Describe the person whose teaching has a great impact on your life

•    Describe your father or mother. Also describe what they has accomplished in their life

•    Describe how your mother raised you.

•    Describe one of your grandparents. Tell us why you choose that certain person to talk about.

•    How would other people characterize you

•    What are your future goals?

•    What is your life philosophy and why?

•    What is your biggest achievement in life?

•    Describe your strong and weak points?

•    Describe any of your frightening experience when you were young

•    Describe the first time traveling abroad

•    Tell us your unforgettable experience

•    Describe the most interesting act of valor you have ever done

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