Important Aspects of a Winning Personal Statement


Majority of universities require undergraduate or graduate students to write a personal statement. It is a compulsory requirement that one cannot overlook during the admission. It is an application that allows the candidate to expound on his/her academic skills, experiences and achievements. Some applications may ask you to respond to particular questions while there are some that may require you to talk about general matters. Regardless, you need to make sure that your statement stands out from the rest and compels the admission committee to consider you as a potential applicant. Other ... Read more

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Important Yet Often-Ignored Interview Tips


Interview is a very important phase for acquiring the job you dreamt of. Therefore, it is highly important that one should understand some key points before going to the interview. In this article we will present you some common yet significant tips that hold weight but still they are often ignored by majority of us. These key points include be on time, work on your appearance and be a little enthusiastic. Get to the Interview On-Time This is the most common tip that doesn’t even need to be told again and again, but still people don’t pay much attention to this important point. Such ... Read more

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Useful Tips on How to Complete a Coursework On-Time


Coursework writing is a compulsory assignment in some academic fields. Mostly these assignments are given to students near the end of the college semesters. Students are haunted by these assignments as they are quite difficult, time-consuming and the worst part is that they are usually assigned along with other assignments. This makes it rather difficult for learners to put their utmost concentration on one assignment. Regardless, students have to complete and submit their assignments within the deadline they have provided with by their professors. Don’t worry there are some useful tips ... Read more

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Know the Process of Writing a Lab Report


Lab report writing is a very common assignment in many schools and colleges. Teachers ask students to complete this assignment in order to give them an opportunity to polish their analytical skills. In addition to that these reports also have a great influence on the academic grades of the students. Producing a well-written lab report is not a simple task at all. Many at times students feel a lot of stress when they don’t know how to write these reports. They also have to think about their grades since they don’t want others to get ahead of them. Before starting a report keep in mind ... Read more

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Important CV Writing Tips That Must Not Be Overlooked


Curriculum Vitae commonly referred to as CV is the most important component of your job hunt. It can make or break your chances to get an interview call from a prospective employer. Although its importance counts a lot while looking for a job, but most job seekers don’t give a lot of consideration while writing this significant document. This is the first piece-of-paper that a prospective hiring manager looks at to decide whether it is worth meeting the candidate or not. Therefore, to meet the expectations of the recruiter and make them want to meet you, your CV must be written with ... Read more

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Know the Essential Tips of Writing an Ideal Dissertation Introduction


The introduction of a dissertation sets the tone for the audience. Its purpose is to grab their attention and get across the significance of the research in an effective manner. Here is a list of some important guidelines of writing an ideal introduction that tells your readers that the research you have presented is worth their time. •    First and foremost thing to do is to read the guidelines of the supervisor carefully. Check out the length of the paper required by them and formulate the extent of your introduction length accordingly. Remember that this opening section is always ... Read more

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Learn Some Essential Job Interview Manners


It is normal to feel a little anxious when going to a job interview. However, too much anxiety may make you end up messing up this great opportunity of landing on the right employment. During the job interview, it is your etiquettes that count a lot. Good manners reflect the true nature or attitude of the potential candidate and help the employer to decide whether he/she will fit with the company or not. During an interview, it is quite easy to make blunders that might make the employer feel a little offended and as a result it may cost you a good job. Therefore, learn the essential ... Read more

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The Significance of Proofreading a Dissertation


It is inarguably true that written English is way different and difficult than verbal English. If an individual is good at verbal English then it is not necessary that he/she would be fluent in written English as well. This difference is normally noticeable in foreign students who are non-native to English language. Apart from them, even many native English speakers often find themselves confused while tackling advance English courses. Regardless of whether your English is good or bad, you can’t let it deteriorate the quality of your dissertation. It is the most important part of your ... Read more

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Writing an Exceptional Cover Letter to Secure an Interview


  Cover letter is the persona of the applicant applying for a particular job. It creates your first-impression in front of the employers when they evaluate your application for the job. Remember that a general cover letter written in a careless manner will most probably cost you not only an interview but also an ideal job. You need to be focused to your objectives and mention only those skills or qualities that are relevant to the post. To secure the interview and to get the job efficiently, it is important that you should do a little homework before writing a cover letter. When you are ... Read more

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5 Stress-Management Tips for Job Interviewees


Finding the right job is quite a stressful task that job-applicants have to deal with. After finding a prospective job opportunity, you try your best to avoid every possible mistake that may cost a good job. Interview is the last important phase that you have to go through before securing an ideal employment. You have to tame your stress that hinders your performance during the interview or else you will probably end up making a bad impression on the prospective employer. If you are too focused on thinking what will happen in the interview or whether or not you will be able to coordinate ... Read more

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