Compare and Contrast Essay Topics


Compare and contrast essays are the most common and easiest assignments since we happen to often face myriad of comparison opportunities in our daily life. Basically, in such essays the writer explains certain similarities as well as inconsistencies concerning a subject, object or a problem so as to make a logical point about the manner the two subjects match up in a significant sense. To develop an excellent assignment, the writer needs to select excellent compare and contrast essay topics. For instance: •    Male friend and female friend •    College students and university ... Read more

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Descriptive Essay Topics

descriptive essays

Descriptive essay writing is a very unique assignment in that it describes the event, a subject, word or an object in a very thorough manner. When the writer uses an event in his descriptive essay, he describes each and every thing for instance touch, smell, look or sound in order to make the reader feel the experience of being there. When the writer describes an object, he explains all the attributes and other essential parts related to that object in a very lucid manner. Following is a list of some descriptive essay topics: •    My First Kiss •    Farewell Party •    ... Read more

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Awesome Expository Essay Topics


Deciding what type of expository essay topics would be best for your assignment is very crucial. Basically, expository essay assignments are meant to thoroughly explain a subject, event or problems in a lucid manner rather than stating personal opinions or point of view. We have come up with some interesting expository essay topics that you will certainly find useful for your assignment: •    Describe three things that you would want to change around you. •    Describe the ways you assist your classmates. •    Describe the different ways you help out at your home. •    ... Read more

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Narrative Essay Topics


When picking out narrative essay topics, make sure you select those which are up to date and interesting to the readers. In order to compose the best essay, you need to be knowledgeable in the chosen area. Remember that you need to present full and reliable narration to your readers and only then you would be able to win their heart with your narrative essay. To assist you to compose a winning essay, we have gathered some interesting essay topics: •    Your first day in college •    Your first day on a Job •    The year 2012 •    2012 Predictions •    10 things I ... Read more

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Grade Winning Informative Essay Topics


If you are ready to share some information regarding any subject to other then you are ready to compose an informative essay. However you must keep in mind that to write a highly informative material you need to choose interesting informative essay topics so that you can share some new and interesting information with your readers and win their heart. Let us take a look at some of our own handpicked informative essay topics: •    How to fly a kite •    How to knit a sweater •    How to configure a GPS •    How to read a map •    How to build a project for a science ... Read more

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Problem Solution Essay Topics


Basically, in a problem/solution essay you need to choose a simple or a sophisticated problem and present some solutions for it. You can choose something simple as how to treat head lice problem or you can choose something sophisticated as how to eliminate poverty. First try to suggest some common ways to handle such problems as well as come up with some new solutions that have never been suggested before. Still don’t know what kind of problem solution essay topics you should choose? Well don’t worry, just take a look at some below listed ideas. •    Safe and security of your ... Read more

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Remarkable Persuasive Essay Topics


Persuasive essays are easy because in such essays the writer has to persuade the audience to prove his/her point. However, to persuade the audience effectively, the writer also needs to present some evidence to back up his/her points of view. To present a highly impressive persuasive essay, one needs to make sure that it’s interesting to oneself as well as interesting to readers. Just check out some interesting and compelling persuasive essay topics: •    UFOs exist •    We are not alone in this universe •    Human cloning is forbidden •    Same sex marriages should ... Read more

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Process Essay Topics


In a process essay, the writer has to offer the readers a complete set of instructions to carry out a task for instance making home-made pizza to troubleshooting Ipad. The basic idea for writing such essays is to present a simple and detailed process of carrying out a certain job. Process essay topics are very easy to come up with because there are thousands of tasks that we do in our daily life and we can pick any of such task and craft a process essay on it. •    Repairing your own PC •    Repairing your own Cell phone •    Making a home-made cappuccino •    Making a ... Read more

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Concept Essay Topics


In a concept essay topic, you need to explain a concept or a term to the audience. Your main objective is to professionally inform the audience about a certain topic and everything that is related to it. However, while writing such essays you need to avoid taking side of a specific point of view. Let us take a quick look at some concept essay topics •    Butterfly effect •    Déjà vu •    Big Bang theory •    Higgs boson •    Love and betrayal •    Boredom and loneliness •    Being a teenage •    Body building •    Dissociative identity ... Read more

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Controversial Essay Topics


Controversial essay topics refer to such debatable topics which are basically hot or provocative in nature. There are many issues in this world about which people have very stringent yet conflicting opinions that later leads to intense arguments or disputes. Let us take a look at some strong debatable issues. •    Exploitative public stunt of celebrities •    Test tube babies •    Human Cloning •    Endangered species •    Intimate relationship before marriage •    Family dispute •    Abusive parenting •    The tiger Mom •    Free ... Read more

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