Useful Evaluation Essay Topics Ideas


To evaluate means to assess or judge something or someone. When you are given an evaluation essay, you are expected to present the assessment of a topic, object or someone. However, the process of evaluating something is not easy as it requires you to possess deep understanding regarding the thing that you want to evaluate. Below listed evaluation essay topics can become a good base for constructing a good essay. •    Evaluate the British impact on sub-continent •    Evaluate the role of World War 2 and its impact on the future generation •    Evaluate the growing management ... Read more

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Interesting Personal Essay Topics


Personal essay is also sometimes called as personal narrative essay as it allows the writer to audaciously express himself. Professors assign such topics to students to assess their ability to compose on a given topic in an attractive manner. While composing a personal essay paper, ensure that the pace of the essay is smooth. Let us take a look at some example personal essay topics •    Where do you see yourself, 12 years from now? •    Describe the person whose teaching has a great impact on your life •    Describe your father or mother. Also describe what they has ... Read more

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Insightful Research Essay Topics


Research essay writing tends to compel a writer to carry out a comprehensive research on a given topic. Basically such types of essays intend to explain an in-depth investigation on a particular subject, carried out by the writer. However, the research presented by the writer must be supported by an authentic and professional author or a scholar. Following are some of the examples of research essay topics. •    True history of Holocaust •    Emperor of Japan •    Chinese Emperors •    How internet or latest technology reshaping our life •    How technology is ... Read more

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Interesting and Funny Persuasive Essay Topics


Funny persuasive essay topics are only slightly different than other persuasive topics because in funny essays you persuade your reader to agree with your perspective about a funny matter or subject. Let us take a quick look at some examples which you may use for reference: •    Women should be penalized for screaming •    Face Botox – every woman’s wish •    Should people be allowed to have more than one spouse •    Is it true that girlfriend is better than wife •    Men should do house chores while women should do office chores •    Larry King is a ... Read more

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Reflective High School Essay Topics


High school essays are quite tough unless you select interesting and impressive high school essay topics for the assignment. These essays are no different than other types of essays because like other essays it also has three common elements which are introduction, body and conclusion. Remember that coming up with an excellent high school essay is certainly possible only if you have both interest and knowledge of the given subject. High school essays have a wide variety of topics to choose from: •    Should we need to take extra measures to save endangered species •    Are violent ... Read more

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Love is truly an indescribable and ineffable thing. You can truly feel that experience when you read Romeo and Juliet, which is a story about two young people and their lofty and everlasting love. Feel free to browse ever brief gallery of Romeo and Juliet essay topics and choose the one which you can format in the required specification of your professor. •    What do you feel about love after reading Romeo and Juliet •    Romeo and Juliet, is such love really exist or is it just fictional •    Prepare a compare and contrast essay on the characters Tybalt and ... Read more

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Well Defined Definition Essay Topics


Definition essay is a formal piece of writing which is used to explain and clarity the meaning of a term or subject for the audience. Although such types of essays may seem quite easy at first since you only need to state the plain facts and figures concerning the subject, however, if you don’t choose the right definition essay topics for the assignment it may become a bit difficult for you. Here some example topic ideas which you may use for reference: •    American Dream •    Abortion •    Drug abuse •    Anti-Semitism •    Dissociative Identity ... Read more

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Insightful Education Essay Topics


Composing an essay on education can be a very daunting task sometimes because of the wider scope it involves. There are thousands of topics available to choose from for your education essay and composing an effective one needs careful planning and lots of research. Unless you choose appropriate and interesting education essay topics for your assignments, writing an effective essay is really not easy. •    Career in Teaching •    Career in Education •    Importance of education •    Online education VS private education •    Special education •    Education for ... Read more

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Fascinating Exploratory Essay Topics


Writing school or college essays can be very taxing sometimes as it involves the writer to spend a great deal of efforts and time. However, exploratory essays are perhaps the most taxing and demanding assignments of all. It is because in such essays you need to just explore something without stating any personal opinion or taking any side. Choose the best exploratory essay topics to get winning grades in your exams. •    Curse of abundance of wealth •    Cultural differences •    African-American Culture •    Marital Violence •    Children Development •    ... Read more

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Exemplification Essay Topics

businesswoman with question marks behind her, hard decision

In an exemplification essay, the writer needs to provide some kind of example about something he/she says. Normally such kinds of essays are mostly filled lots of examples to support a sweeping statement. Following are some of the examples of exemplification essay topics that may be used for your own essay paper: •    Anorexia Nervosa •    Mayan predictions •    Separation of Church and State •    Cruising should be prohibited •    Cult in 21st century •    Young generation needs to improve their attitude •    Science and religion •    Science and ... Read more

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